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Immortal: Unchained PS4

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Immortal: Unchained combines tactical combat with RPG mechanics and third-person shooting to deliver a unique and innovative experience inspired by the emerging hardcore action-RPG genre.

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Unwillingly unchained by the Warden, you are given the instruction to put a stop to the end of the world. Use your diverse arsenal of ranged and melee weapons to engage in brutal, tactical combat as you explore dark sci-fi interconnected worlds in your quest for truth and salvation. Explore gritty, futuristic environments and put your skills to the test. With a diverse arsenal of more than 100 weapons, from shotguns and grenade launchers, to dual-wielding pistols and swords, you must engage in brutal, tactical combat while recovering your memories and discovering your backstory.
Other characters may shed light on your true purpose, but the reality is not always clear, as characters are always operating on their own agendas. Switch between primary and secondary weapons or choose to dual wield on the fly. Each weapon has different abilities better suited to different situations. Upgrade your favourite weapon to make it even more powerful and target different parts of the enemy’s body to achieve different results.

  • Explore

Discover a dark sci-fi world shrouded in danger and mystery, waiting for you to uncover its secrets.

  • Guns

An immense arsenal of guns with unique strengths and traits. Find your favourite.

  • Tactics

Defeat enemies by using strategic decisions and well-timed actions in tactical gun combat.

  • Challenge

Engage in brutal combat, risking death at every encounter. Victory requires skill and dedication.

  • Upgrades

Choose your own playstyle and weave your own experience. Level up your character the way you like, upgrade your armour and weapons, and equip various aspects to gain different abilities.

  • Customisation

Customise your character with sci-fi inspired hairstyles and facial hair, or ink your face and body in various designs.

  • Freedom - The Cosmos is open to explore from the beginning. Decide which world you’ll visit first and carve your own path while searching for your past.



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